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About our headline sponsors – Peel L&P

Operating across the UK for over 50 years, the family run, Peel Group and its regeneration arm Peel L&P have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to re-imagine some of the country’s historic assets.

As part of The Peel Group, Peel L&P strives to make a positive impact on people’s lives and are proud of their legacy. Promoting sustainable development is at the heart of what they do, and they take their responsibilities to the environment seriously. Their people are passionate about the communities they work in, and value their close partnerships with local groups and charities.

About Peel L&P’s projects in Bolton

Hulton Park

Hulton Park is one of the most exciting and ambitious economic opportunities in the North of England.

Hulton Park brings together Peel L&P’s plans for an iconic new Ryder Cup venue with creating a tourism destination and parkland community. Hulton Park has huge investment potential and the ability to deliver transformative ‘levelling up’ and regeneration for the area, the plans for Hulton Park would restore, open-up and bring new life to a private and degrading historic estate.

The project would deliver £1.6 billion impact nationally and create a legacy for the region in sport, health and wellbeing, skills and participation, tourism and inward investment.

Having secured planning permission, Hulton Park is a shortlisted candidate venue for a prospective Ryder Cup bid by the UK Government and is ready to be delivered, upon being awarded the hosting rights.  

Find out more by visiting: www.hultonpark.co.uk

The Wigan & Bolton Growth Corridor

The Wigan & Bolton Growth Corridor is one of Greater Manchester’s six identified growth locations and a strategic priority for Wigan and Bolton Councils.

It has huge investment potential and the ability to deliver transformative levelling up and regeneration – across health and wellbeing, sport and leisure, advanced manufacturing, homes and communities.

It builds on solid foundations, through a shared policy agenda, a new College of Medical Science and new housing and economic projects already on the ground, and further investments in the pipeline – including a potential new Ryder Cup venue and destination at Hulton Park.


The catalyst for the Growth Corridor will be the securing of the Ryder Cup at Hulton Park; a unique opportunity to host one of the world’s largest and sporting events, and create an iconic sporting venue and visitor destination, with a lasting legacy for local people and the wider region.


  • Over £2BN economic impact

  • Creating a Health Innovation Cluster

  • Delivering a Ryder Cup Resort

  • Regenerating an area that is home to 150,000 people.

  • Over 1million sq m of employment

  • Over 13,000 homes for over 30,000 residents

  • Over 10,000 jobs created.

  • Boosting the local economy and supporting SMEs

  • Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce


Northstone is an award-winning homebuilder based in the North West of England. Their mission is to challenge outdated perceptions of new build homes. They do so by delivering design-led, sustainable communities that set a new bar for high quality homes in stunning surroundings.


Northstone is part of Peel L&P and chose Westhoughton as the location for their first neighbourhood ‘Silkash’ followed by ‘Airie’ also in Bolton. Their innovatively designed, sustainable, neighbourhoods have won multiple awards for their forward-thinking approach and are now home to hundreds of local people in Bolton.